Have you noticed a slight difference on the Big Thimble Media website? You guessed it, Big Thimble Media’s web design division is now known as 856 Web. As Big Thimble Media has grown, our web design offerings have consistently won awards and praise from our clients and friends. So, to expand on this successful business model, 856 Web has been born.

856 Web will continue to offer the webs most amazing images for our client, only now it will be even better! This expansion will include the addition of three new web designers and a brand new arsenal of tools. This new focus will take our most successful division and set it free to grow and offer our clients what they have come to expect but bigger, better and faster. And, as always, in the cost effective manner that allows even the smallest business or non-profit to shine on the web.

856 Web has been a long time in the making and it is just getting started. We have big plans here at Big Thimble and the biggest are for our new born baby, 856 Web Web Design Studio. Stay tuned friends and watch as 856 Web takes its first steps…they will be big ones indeed!

Author Bio:

Over 25 years ago George Chopek started in the media industry when, with money he earned from part-time jobs, he formed his first “information” sharing company, Target Telecomm, at the age of 19. Since then, he has spent his life working with people and solving problems. He is one of the founding fathers of Big Thimbe Media and the principle business director at 856 Web. He is an award winning web designer in his own right and has been recognized internationally for his innovative web designs. He now focuses his 25 plus years of experience on helping the 856 Web team and its clients find the perfect branding image and online presence to succeed.